POS Link - for retail companies!

POS Link - for retail companies!

POS Link - for retail companies

POS Link is a specialized add-on solution of Microsoft Dynamics NAV for connection of POS and POS systems and an exchange of information with a Microsoft Dynamics NAV database.

POS Link ensures a qualitative POS connection with the system Microsoft Dynamics NAV for retail companies. It is flexible an easy-to-use and offers impressive possibilities for data analysis. POS Link it is easy, fast solution requiring minimum expenses to connect any type of POS terminal or POS system as well as other equipment (e.g. handhelds etc.) to Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Pos Link - updated information at any time

Data of retail companies are saved in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database and there are continuous changes taking place in them. POS Link is a convenient tool to synchronize these changes with POS data and you will always have the most important information.

With POS Link – easy to synchronize

POS Link operates automatically or it may be turned-on manually. With its help it is easy to send information, e.g., item catalogues, from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database to the POS system (POS terminal). In its turn you will import the most important data from POS developing standard tables for data reports.

What happens at POS? Possibilities of analysis with POS Link

For retail companies the most important information circulation is taking place "through POS terminals". How much did we earn today? Which work hours are the most successful? Which item had the best sales? This can be easily found with POS Link.

Use POS Link analysis possibilities up to a level of an individual receipt

Summarize sales data:

  • By stores, sections, work hours, product groups, item categories as well as analysis by individual sales staff results;
  • By sales amount, total amount of discount, cost-price, profitability ratio and amount, markup percentage, number of receipts, average receipt amount and amount of returned receipts and other parameters.

Pos Link Modules:

POS Link – Base
Base module that ensures basic functions of the entire solution

POS Link - Change Tracking 
POS Link functionality for comparing of data sent to any external device

POS Link - External Devices
Base module for connection with external systems of various types  (e.g., POS terminals, POSes, mobile terminals, palmtop computers)

POS Link - Offline POS 
Link with POS terminals and POS devices

Adobe PDF document Fact_Sheet_POS_link_ENG.pdf (1.19mb)

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